Sunday, August 27, 2006

Shall we or shall we not, dance?

Yesterday I did something, well, different (dan rather membuang masa). A personal useless project of mine, created out of boredom. I set up 2 Myspace accounts (with 2 different fake e-mails); one, an account with a common looking page and simple looking girl (“Ordinary Girl”) and the other, with, you know, pretty girls and stuff (“Hot Chica”). To be frank, this project of mine has no objective whatsoever, simply to prove that they are people yang masih too easily trust people in the internet. I thought by now everyone is vigilant that we have got to always be suspicious. Hmmm. Ah well, it is nothing but mind game, people believe what they want to believe. And my other so-called-aim is to prove that male gender, responds to pretty girls, bimbo and all, rather spontaneously. Terlalu cepat dan errm, ghairah. I am disappointed. Although, my ‘kajian’ proves success as after leaving the accounts on idle until today, Ordinary Girl got only 5 hits while Hot Chica came at about 180 demands. In one and a half day only, babe. Apakah? Heh. Point well evident. Biarlah aku dengan keje buang masa aku ini, I have too much time on my hand during lazy, idle weekends. And oh don’t bother trying to search for these cyber girls created by yours truly, they never existed and now, they are nothing but memories. My apology to all the guys who had fallen for Hot Chica. She is nothing but your imagination. Get a life!!! Or start with getting yourself a real girlfriend. I was about to scream LOSERS here but I do have grace in my heart. Just. Get. Yourself. A. Real. Lady.

And I watched Shall We Dance yesterday. Although I sincerely think Jennifer Lopez is a horrendous actor, I have nothing but respect for her well toned, healthy body. But Richard Gere, my oh my, despite his age, he is too dashingly handsome to be true. In Sweetheart’s words: “Orang perempuan sekarang suka lelaki tua rupanya”. Apakah? Not all! Pengecualian untuk Richard Gere sahaja! All in all, how could I not love this movie; hot Richard Gere, my favourite actress Susan Sarandon and sexy dance routines. I love it!

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