Sunday, July 09, 2006

Most people want to be delivered from temptation but would like it to keep in touch.

Marliza on Superman Returns: Although Marliza's Clark Kent will always be Dean Cain, she absolutely loves Superman Returns! So, Brandon Routh is not her 'type' of hotness, but he sure is hot, and so is Orlando's girl, our latest Lois Lane. And that little 'super'boy, major cuteness. Definitely a must watch. Marliza on her little confessions: She knows she never publicly admit that she loves Diddy AF4 (She does! Hanya her little bro, Daud, Ayin dan Zu tahu tentang ini), tetapi ketahuilah, Marliza amat sedih akan penyingkiran Diddy. Huhuhu. Oh, and, erm, do you know that Marliza (secretly) enjoys reading Malaysia's very own celebrity magazine, HOT. Teehehe. Marliza on her sweetheart: She always love it when her sweetheart sings to/for her, tetapi menyanyi untuknya sambil bermain guitar, in the park, well, apa lagi yang dapat dikatakan, her sweetheart scored big time. Ngeh ngeh. Marliza on shopping: She bought a cute, practical handbag (untuk mengisi files ke court) di Petaling Street and she got it for a very reasonable price. Yeay. And oh, sangat banyak bag and purse and tote and semualah yang cantik di Petaling Street itu. You name lah what jenama you want, everything under the sun ada. Coach. LV. Guess. Chloe. Gucci (Tetapi Gucci selalu nampak kurang ori). Fendi. Aigner. Pergh, almost everything look original to untrained eyes. Ngee. Too bad Marliza ialah seorang yang walaupun tidak brand concious, Marliza adalah agak particular tentang pemakaian jenama tiruan. Marliza prefers barangan tidak berjenama langsung (like the bag she bought). Ngeh ngeh. Lastly, Marliza on writing as a third person: No she is not a narcist (Really, eh? Ngee). It's just that according to her best friend, Ayin, both of them suffer from Obsessive Compulsion Disorder. Teehee.

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