Monday, June 05, 2006

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves

Suatu hujung minggu filled with: calming sea breeze, surprisingly pretty beach, good foods, beach side BBQ party, gossips and laughters and sharing of stories and dvd watching, and (most importantly), amazingly fun girlfriends whom you who have been friends with, all your adult life (there were 20++ of us), an old buddy's wedding reception, (and later) spending some quality dinner time with your sweetheart - Could this combination ever go wrong? No, bukan sahaja it did not go wrong, it was so, so much fun lah. This is in spite of me being kurang sihat all along and worse, kekurangan suara. Anyways, I love this hujung minggu of mine :-) I miss the calming sensation the weekend getaway provided me. I miss their easy laughters and smiling faces (kami menyengih almost all the time actually). I miss feeling completely comfortable and happy with these people. My STF959 girls. Time changes people. But this is the beauty of a great friendship: People can grow separately without growing apart. Sayanglah kat korang. Boleh?

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