Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Self is the only prison that can ever bind the soul

Kelmarin I brought home the files for yesterday’s court appearance. Just when I finally got a seat in that crammed train, the Encik beside me, (I know I wrote PAKCIK before and may have made some people merasakan aku adalah heartless. It is not. It is an ENCIK in his 30s) noticing the file, said “HSK?” “Err yes”, I said, aiming to end the conversation. Apparently, he once engaged my firm, bla bla bla, bla bla bla. I just gave him some “Oh”, “Ok”, and some polite smile, which is my cue for him to stop babbling please. Any reasonable man would understand that. But no, he proceeded and told me that he wants to sell his house and hence, asking me for the procedures. I told him the basic thing, dan memejamkan mata sambil bersandar ke dinding. Tapi dia berterusan bertanya.

So I told him politely that I am just an intern there and I don’t know much about Conveyancing or Corporate, as I am attached to only Litigation dept. I know I have not made my firm, and worse, my alma mater proud with that stupid statement of mine. I could have at least tried kan? He finally stopped, but not because of me, but to give his seat to an older pakcik who just got into the train. But who can really blame me anyway? It was almost 8 pm in a crowded train, after a hard day at work; the last thing I need is a legal talk with a stranger. Plus, unless you deserve it, you have got to pay for a legal advise la, macha.

I have a (very, very painful) infected cyst. It feels like an anak kucing is coming out of it. The Bintat (as I called it) has lasts for consecutively 5 days, and as I have predicted, I got scolded by the doctor for letting them grew worse within these 5 days before seeking treatment. But as I also predicted, I got my closure by seeing the doctor. Anyways, now that I have come to my senses kerana kesakitan Bintat ini masih menular, I now realised that I have officially menjadi a very good worker because when the doctor asked me whether I wanted an MC or not, I answered, “I don’t think there is a need”. Stupido. I know. Sigh.

I watched The I Do Diaries yesterday, in which the theme was My Best Friend’s Wedding. Episod kali ini mengenai wedding yang dirancang sepenuhnya oleh seorang best friend untuk best friend nya, and likewise. Dan mereka adalah individual yang sangat berlainan. How can a cool fashionista plan a perfect wedding for her simple, elegant best friend? And vice versa? But they did it. The fashionista succeeded with a Cinderella wedding for her best friend, and her best friend managed to pull a beautiful garden wedding for her. Tetapi, aku takkan benarkan perkara itu berlaku pada diriku. I mean, it’s your wedding. Sure, Far might have an idea of what I like and how I would love my wedding to be, but it’s my wedding, I want to have the final say!!! Tidakkah begitu yang sepatutnya?

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