Sunday, May 14, 2006

I am 64% wonderfully weird

Get it? Like Phoebe’s hubby’s wedding oath. Never mind. Anyways, here’s another meme from Miss Axuerra. I always have known that I am weird anyway. Ngee.

[x] You put mayonaise on hot dogs. (Adakah pelik?)
[x] You like bread and butter (Sangat suka, ok!?)
[x] You play with your food
[x] You talk to your food (I talk to everything. To have fun lah. Bukan cakap dengan gaya2 weirdo macam tu)
[ ] All you ever think about is food
[ ] You like eating ice cream on a daily basis
[ ] You can't live without candy/sweets
[ ] You hate vegetables

TO T A L: 4

[x] You play with dolls (When I was a little girl)
[ ] You talk to your dog/cat as if it were a baby
[ ] You are scared of spoons
[x] You have a fear of dying (Masih banyak dosa, masih kurang pahala)
[ ] You cut yourself
[ ] You wish you were a queen/king/prince/princess
[ ] You wish you were married to Orlando Bloom or Angelina Jolie (Jambunya mamat Bloom itu! Tak suka, ok!? Jolie, jika aku lelakipun, tidak mahulah, intimidated nanti)
[x] You love sleeping

T O T A L: 3

[ ] You are afraid of bugs
[x] You have a fear of germs and bacteria
[x] You are a neat freak (Sikit2 lah. Have been noted for being weird. Ngee. Tapi taklah tahap disorder macam Monica tu.)
[x] You eat bugs/bunnies/birds/frogs/snails/dogs/babies (I eat burung puyuh)
[x] You have a fear that the world will end soon (Who doesn’t? Banyaknya dosa, kurangnya pahala)
[ ] You hate sports because you're afraid of getting hurt
[x] You love doing safe things all the time and never take risks
[ ] You scrub everything you own daily

T O T A L: 5

[ ] You're afraid of driving
[ ] You have destructive relationships
[ ] You talk to yourself in front of other people
[x] You talk to yourself in your mind (Who doesn’t?)
[x] You believe in ghosts
[ ] You believe in zombies
[ ] You believe in the tooth fairy
[ ] You still believe in Santa Clause

T O T A L: 2

[ ] You wish you were dead
[ ] You are a vegetarian
[ ] You are a tree hugger
[ ] You believe in the easter bunny
[x] You have weird friends (Ramai okay!?)
[ ] You wish everyone else is dead
[x] You were totally 100% honest in this quiz

T O T A L: 2

Now count up the number and multiply by 4.
Then repost saying I'm (the number you got times 4) % weird.

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