Friday, February 24, 2006

My current favourite IDOL!

9 Reasons Why Taylor Hicks Might Run Away With It
(Posted by The Colournine @

1. People really miss Joe Cocker.

2. America is tired of skinny girls in tight clothes and they want more heavy guys with gray hair who look like math teachers.

3. America will choose Taylor just to humiliate Simon.

4. His name is fun to say. ("Taylor Hicks Taylor Hicks Taylor Hicks")

5. He has the strongest voice, lots of style, and that extra chin just doesn't matter.

6. He will make the older people watching feel like their lives aren't over just yet.

7. That guy who posts on the boards who used to be in a band with Taylor will vote for him 8000 times because he wants Taylor's fame to rub off on him.

8. He can play the harmonica.

9. He's not hideous like "Sway".

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