Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.” - Lady Bird Johnson 

I can’t believe Hadi has completed a whole school year! Where did the time go? Did I even properly blog about his first day in preschool? I don’t think I did! Towards the end of 2014 school year, the teacher said she has seen a lot of improvement in him. He’s usually really shy around strangers but hey, he did really good at his school concert last Sunday. Although he couldn’t keep his eyes off his class teacher Puan Pipah most time of the performance, he danced and sang his heart away wholeheartedly and I was overwhelmed with pride and joy for my firstborn. 

Although I must say that attending your child’s school concert will make you feel like a real grown up grownup, you know what I mean? Tsskk. 

Here's my big boy, taken on one of the last few days of school. He suddenly decided he wanted to bring the Batman cape I made for him to school to show to his friends. He never bring any of his stuffs to school and I finally found out why! His teacher will make anyone who bring anything from home to go in front of the class and tell a story about it. A sharing session, they call it! And Hadi has been refusing to bring anything because he was too shy to tell stories in public! Shy lah sangat kamu kononnya! But on one of the last few days, he wanted to bring his cape voluntarily so I hope this is a good start. 

School holiday has only officially started for two days and already the boy has been bugging me that he misses his school! Tssskkk. One month ++ to go, dude.

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HW said...

Tapi Hadi tak shy dah haritu even first time jumpa masa dia besar. Hehe.

Good job, Hadi!

- Aunty Wahida -