Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Gloating is fine, you just have to not suck at it.” – Harvey Specter, Suits 2011

I am suffering from separation anxiety, having watched the last episode of the First Season of Suits last night, and knowing that the Second Season will only begin in Summer 2012. I am being overdramatic but it is THAT good, I am literally craving for more Harvey Specter and Mike Ross.

I fell asleep watching the pilot episode of The Firm; it was bland and Josh Lucas was not convincing enough as a top attorney. Unlike Harvey Specter of Suits and Jerry Kellerman of Raising the Bar, Mitchell McDeere (who was originally played by Tom Cruise in the movie version of the Grisham bestseller) was immensely dull.

The pilot episode of Suits on the other hand, was AWESOME.

I thought Raising the Bar was a good legal drama; it was real, with good script and brilliant acting but Suits is way better. Lawyers and especially litigators would relate and find an instant liking but unlike Raising the Bar, laymen would equally enjoy Suits. The script is sharp, snappy, and witty and the storyline is clever and original. Oh and the cast! Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams were born to play the parts and Rick Hoffman makes the perfect Louis Litt to the T. The chemistry was believable and the characters were likable.

The husband is a huge fan as well, especially more now that we found out that he and Harvey have a thing in common; they both started as prosecutor.

Suits is showing soon on Diva #702 and I am hereby commanding you to watch the series. Hehe. But if you're impatient like us, you can always go and get yourself the box set. Oh if you're still not convinced, please go read HERE! (Thanks Darlene!)

Well as far as the First Season is concerned, I can say that it was exceptionally flawless.


reena said...

The Firm kurang umph ya? Hmm..

Ok nak tengoklah all these series nanti. Sekarang tengah gilakan Walking Dead.

AyinEmran said...

Nak tengoklah! Hey dah tonton New Girl?

Marliza Radzi said...

Reena: Pilot episode The Firm kurang ummph. And Josh Lucas membosankan. But mungkin boleh kasi benefit of the doubt.

Ayin: Belum sebab kena guna laptop. Haha. Aku pernah tengok 1 episod & tak berapa suka.

Moose said...

mike ross had me at hello. haha. at first i macam bit sceptic tapi after 20 min into the pilot episode, i'm or rather we, are hooked!

sekarang tengah tak sabar nak tunggu season 2!

Lenny said...

Hey, I found this post because you linked to my blog at the bottom there. Thanks so much.

Awesome post! Suits fans are the best!

Marliza Radzi said...

Moose: Harvey had me at, "I check." ;)

Lenny; Hi Lenny! Love love love all your posts on Suits!

SOHO Mama said...

I didn't finish watching the first episode of The Firm either. Padahal I suka Josh Lucas..
I can't wait for Suits next week. I am so ketinggalan in this download download thingy. :P

SOHO Mama said...
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Maizura Okinokiyo said...

The firm mmg kurang umph compared to suits lah. Nak tau ur comments on the good wife jugak!

Ballardqkan said...

Nak tengoklah! Hey dah tonton New Girl?