Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." – Author Unknown

Did you hear about that 5-year-old girl, Nadirah that went missing in JB? She was sent by her mother to the nearby sundry shop but never returned home. Her remains were finally found yesterday at a plantation. She was burnt to death. Astaghfirullahalazim. Burnt to death! She was just a little girl, for God’s sake. What ever happened to the safe and peaceful Malaysia we used to live in? I remember walking alone back then to kelas mengaji at night, kokurikulum in the evening, to my favourite nasi lemak stall every weekend, to kedai runcit Aunty Tee occasionally. It was a different Malaysia then; a safe one.

I am petrified of the world I am raising my son in. Let this be a reminder to us parents. The world is not the same place we grew up in. We should always be vigilant and be reminded that criminals and opportunists are everywhere. It’s a dangerous, twisted world full of dangerous, twisted people. May Allah protect us from harm and danger.

Picture from NST.com.my

I can’t imagine what the mother of the girl must be feeling now. Angry. Hurt. Guilty. People are saying bad things about the parents, and while I agree that yes, a 5-year-old girl should not be asked to run errands for her parents unattended, I think now is not the time to aggravate their grief. Let them mourn for their loss in peace. I’m a mother and I know this will haunt the mother to her grave. I pray to Allah that He will grant her strength and imaan.

Life for her will never be the same again, but I believe her daughter is in a better place now, safe in Allah’s loving protection. Rest in peace, little girl. Al-Fatihah.


reena said...


Dulu masa umur 5-6 tahun, biasa ke kedai runcit berhampiran atau pergi mengaji tanpa perlu risau apa2. Tapi itu dulu.


nuruleyda said...

"It's a dangerous, twisted world full of dangerous, twisted people"
I have to agree with u!

Masa kecik-kecik pegi kelas mengaji (juga waktu malam), pegi main kat dalam belukar belakang rumah, pegi kedai beli ice cream. Asal petang aja sure hilang entah ke mana. Balik bila mak jerit panggil pulang.

But I guess dah tak applicable dah utk kita biar anak2 macam kita dulu.

Takutnya! Semoga kita semua berada di bawah lindungan-Nya. Amin.
Al-fatihah buat adik Nadiah.

Rin said...

sedih kan.. :'(

YATT said...

she was burnt to death? bukannyer bakar selepas dibunuh? eee... jahat! true, she's in a better place.. tp bila tgk gbr dia, asek bayangkan sakitnya and takutnya dia masa dia kena culik and seksa tu.. tak terfikir nak bayangkan happynya dia sekarang di syurga. kesian kt mak dia. reminder to us all. :(

yunayuni said...

The irony is as a country develops,the crime also evolves.

And as a country develops, the more vigilant the citizens should be. Perhaps it is now time to change the mindsets of our society,these days safety of our children cannot be taken for granted again.Monsters are lurking everywhere.

Poor little baby girl. Tak sanggup rasanya kalau berada di tempat ibunya. But she is definitely happier with Him now.

Semoga Allah lindungi anak2 kita. Amin.

p/s: Love your writing. Keep it up! :)