Friday, July 08, 2011

Speed. Faster than fast, quicker than quick. I am Lightning!” – Lightning McQueen, Cars.

Good news, good people! Diaper Cake & Such is expanding its demographics and we now accept orders for gift basket/box for anyone, for any occasion! (OK I don’t know why I used WE there. Maybe because hubs always jokingly demand percentage every time I ask his opinion. Sheesh!)

Hahaha anyways, yeah, your mom’s birthday? Your dad’s retirement? Your bro’s graduation? Your colleague’s son’s 7th birthday? Your niece’s sweet 16th birthday? Anything! We can make anything for everyone for any occasion, insyaAllah :)

As usual, you just have to name your budget and let me know if you have any special request. It’s your mom’s 50th birthday and she loves gardening? Then maybe we’ll do a Green Finger basket, filled with gardening tools and what not, and embellished with pretty, pretty stuffs of course. Or your dad’s retiring and his lifelong dream is to play golf all day long? Then a golf-based gift box. Anything lah! Hehehe.

This is the first one I did, for a colleague’s nephew’s 5th birthday. She requested for Disney Pixar’s Cars theme and I was given only 4 days! For a themed basket, 4 days is quite a short notice so I did my best and here’s how it turned out:

Faster Than Fast Gift Box

Occasion: Boy's 5th Birthday! (Disney Pixar's Cars theme)
Price: RM150.00

1 reusable box
1 Disney Pixar's Cars Stories book
1 Disney Pixar's Cars mini book
1 Disney Pixar's Cars read-along CD with book
1 Disney Pixar's Cars 18" helium balloon from Bug's Party
1 LEGO Disney Pixar's Cars Lightning Mcqueen
Ribbons, snippets & embellishments
Lotsa adrenaline-pumping fun!

I have a few pending DC orders and I’m itching to ditch work and just go home to complete them. But anyway, I’m still waiting for some stuffs I ordered online to arrive, so bear with me ya, para pengorder. I recently did one for Ahsuez’s colleague, a surprise baby gift this one is.

Blue Whale Diaper Cake

Occasion: Newborn Baby Boy
Price: RM110.00

Drypers diapers, size S
1 baby blanket
1 Memory Lane blue whale soft toy
2 blue whale bath toys
1 Old Navy 'I'm Rad Like Dad' romper
1 Carter's 'Watch Me Grow' baby bib
A pair of Luvable Friends prewalker shoes
Ribbons, snippets and embellishments
Lots of splashing great fun!

In the words of St. Francis, “For it is in giving that we receive.” So lets start giving and spreading the love! Go to my Facebook page, Diaper Cake & Such or contact me at jumjumatun(at)yahoo(dot)com for any enquiry and order. Oh just so you know, in case you don’t, I am able to ship the DC/basket/box anywhere! So yeah, marilah order! Hehehe. XOXO!


Alin Marlini said...

cantik Am...

Marliza Radzi said...

Thanks Kak Lin :)

Wafaa said...

Am, u are really inspiring!

reena said...

Comelnya blue whale tu!

AyinEmran said...

Sangat inspiring! Suka!

Rin said...

wahhhhhhhhh!! :D

macam nak buat jugak.zon utara punya.. bagi tak? atau kena bg share profit sbb idea org..

Marliza Radzi said...

Wafaa & Ayin: Haha tak ada apa yang inspiring pun!

Reena: Hehe yeay!

Arin: Bukan idea saya. Idea dah berpuluh tahun lamanya. BTW saya bukan zon selatan, saya zon mana-mana. Free trade!

Rin said...

tp mmg cantiklah... sgt berbakat! :D

(teringat entri Am dulu2 psl taktau bakat apa yg ada. mungkin bakat main ski tapi malangnya di Malaysia tak ada salji)

Marliza Radzi said...

Arin: Bagusnya memori! Sebab ingatkan kebolehan mengikat riben secara simetri tak ada gunanya. Hahaha.

Mel said...

hi marliza, i've added ur email(jujumatun) in YM list to enquire ;) kindly please revert back asap. many thanks!

sharel said...

17092011! Jangan lupa Umayr's Car tau!!

Anonymous said...

wah...wah...uasahawan wanita!

Marliza Radzi said...

Mel: Please confirm regarding your gift basket thanks :)

Sharel: Tak lupa! :D

Anon: Uasahawan pun boleh.