Tuesday, March 08, 2011



It’s a tad too late for me to be dreaming about this, don’t you think so? Hahaha. But, I must admit that if I have a time travel machine and a bag full of bank notes, I’d go back to circa March 2008 and requested a mini reception of my own. I actually wanted a simple, laid-back wedding tapi aku bertolak ansurlah dengan my mom, considering that this is her only daughter’s wedding. Haha. But when my mom and her friends were involved, my laid-back wedding dream went down the drain lah. Everything has to be extravagant and everyone must be invited. Haha.

So yes, if I get to travel back in time, I’d use the stash of money I bring with me and plan a mini reception. Ini tambahan to the one yang my mom buatlah. An intimate one this would be, only good friends and loved ones will be invited. Approximately 30-50 people. The setting would be a garden wedding. Perhaps I hire the house my kakak sedara rented for her reception, a huge colonial style house with a huge garden space with breathtaking scenery.

Wait. Money is not an issue when you’re dreaming, right? Right.

I’d wear the prettiest maxi dress in white, maybe with peach gerbera corsage on my wrist. Oh the decorations will be white with shades of pink and orange. My favourite flower, gerbera daisies will be everywhere. My bouquet will be made of them as well. Hubby will wear white shirt and khakis pants, with peach gerbera pinned on the pocket.

Dreams are made of these :)

The band that played at my brother’s reception will be playing my favourite music all day long. There will be balloons everywhere! Hanging on trees would be tiny lampu kelip-kelip and my favourite quotations on papers. And there'll be a mini photo booth for guests to take crazy pictures for us to keep. How fun! Oh there will be a corner for kids to layan diri while their parents go crazy; ada face paint, bubbles, colouring books.

Everyone must come in casual attire. Preferably in white and peach. We shall talk, eat, dance, play games, take pictures. Oh and desserts will be lavish! Adorable cupcakes, candies, macarons, all sorts of cakes and pastries, chocolate fountain and fruits, ice creams, puddings, aaah! Maybe I’d only serve desserts! How fun would that be! Everyone will be high on sugar by the end of the reception. Oh I know, the theme of the mini reception would be Sugar Rush!

Aaah to dream :) Bukankah berangan-angan itu indah? Cinderella got it right, “In dreams you lose your heartache, whatever you wish for you keep.”


reena said...

OMG your dream wedding exactly like mine! I mean, my real dream wedding (Not yang Rizalman Marchesa Cartier wtf tu). Haha :p

Pink & orange is a nice combo kan?

Marliza Radzi said...

Masa my aqad all my family wore orange & kelihatan sungguh fresh & pretty! Memang cantik. Hope you'll get the minimalist wedding you want!

AyinEmran said...

Ah bestnya simple and white wedding. Aku imagine kau letak quotes kat atas meja tu.

Nak nak desserts all the way! Bestnya. Bila nak buat? Biar bitau awal, aku nak beli tiket flight. (tak keluar dreamland lagi ni)

Marliza Radzi said...

Eh dalam dreamland, ko tinggal kat Semenanjung lah, takyah beli flight tix ;D

SITI said...


Saya bau rumput segar.

sharel said...

this '30 THINGS IN 30 DAYS CHALLENGE' is cool.. all the best! may the force be with you!

Marliza Radzi said...

Tim: Sayapun bau rumput segar & dengar bunyi sayup gitar akustik masa menulis ;)

Sharel: Mari turut serta!

sharel said...

mine 17 things in 17 days je kot...anyway tengah sibuk with Anas's 365..

Marliza Radzi said...

Sharel: Hugs for Anas! Nanti bila dah tak 24/7 mengulit Anas, boleh come join the 30 Days fun :D