Friday, November 19, 2010

"Ignorant people think it is the noise which fighting cats make that is so aggravating, but it ain't so; it is the sickening grammar that they use." - Mark Twain

I want to get away somewhere. It doesn’t matter where, as long as it involves a little travelling, staying in a nice hotel, (window) shopping, sight-seeing and going outside of Johor freaking Bahru. I mean, I adore JB, it’s practically my home now, but you gotta get out sometime!

On that note, I really want to go to Singapore! It’s been too long. But Hadi has got no passport yet and I don’t wanna go without him. But Singapore is just sekangkang kera away and the last I went there, I was, what, 7, 8 months pregnant? And Hadi is already 6 months now. Do the maths.

Have you heard about the Fish Eye and Macro/Wide lenses for iPhone? Developed by Digital King from Japan, the lenses are designed to enhance the iPhone camera. Such coolness. Japanese people are geniuses, don’t you think so? As if it is not enough that they’re freakishly cute and eerily polite, they have to get the genius genes as well. Unfair.

I’m going totally random this time because, yes you guessed it, I have nothing interesting to write about. I’m a boring person. Yes the usage of the word “boring” was correct there. “I’m a boring person” is “Saya membosankan" while “I’m bored” is “Saya bosan”. How some people got these two confused amazes me all the time.

And what’s with “That’s mean” and “That means” confusion? I’m no grammar guru, heck my English is nowhere close to good, but to confuse between “Itu jahat” dengan “Itu bermakna” is mind-boggling lah. Yes, the placing of your S is very crucial there.

More on grammar (oh sue me), DIHADAPAN is wrong. It is DI HADAPAN. DI JAYA JUSCO. DI BAWAH. DI PARIS. And DI FAHAMI is wrong. It is DIFAHAMI. DIKETAHUI. DISAYANGI. Are they still teaching this to the kids in school nowadays? I hope they are. Good Malay grammar is important. Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa (why is this entry in English?)

Who in the world came up with the idea to sell expensive plastic containers (read: Tupperware) and managed to scheme (OK not scheme, convince) people into buying them. I saw the mini steamer on the Tupperware catalogue and thought to myself, “Well this is neat. Do I need it? No. I have a steamer. Do I want it? Of course.” Took a post it note, wrote my name, and pasted it on the catalogue. Smart advertising/ branding? Undoubtedly. But yes, the steamer finally found its calling. I use it to steam fruits before pureeing them for Hadi. Because it is small, it is easier to be stored and installed. Oh it only comes in bright red, so yeah, fancy.

I seem to have a fondness for the colour red nowadays. The wallet Hubby bought for me, my passport holder, my iPhone casing, the blouse I bought today; all are in red. Well the blouse is bright peach, but close enough. Am I turning into my mom? *Cue Twilight Zone soundtrack*

I know I seem so shallow and can be very duniawi sometimes (you don’t have to tell it to my face *EMO*), so to end this on a more Friday-friendly note:



AyinEmran said...

random writing yg sungguh menarik. aritu aku ada tulis i'm boring kat twitter. aku mmg fail english aku rasa.

hanakirana said...

hahahhaa seronok ok entri ni. I really enjoy it!

ya dan pasal grammar tu, aku sgt setuju!! *angguk2 kepala* lagi teruk, yg beriya buat kesalahan-kesalahan 'dimana', 'disitu', 'disini' dan sebagainya adalah golongan media. haishhh! mereka telah menyebarkan kesalahan-kesalahan tatabahasa dengan sangat berleluasa!!

ok sgt emo di situ. hihi

P/s: Hadi sangat comel. *gomol-gomol*

Marliza Radzi said...

Ayin: Kalau ko maksudkan ko seorang yang membosankan, maka betullah ayat tu :D

Hana: Betul! Media sangat selalu buat kesalahan ni!

reena said...

Bagi seorang yang dapat *ehem* A1 dalam BM dalam SPM, adalah pantang tok nenek nampak salah tatabahasa BM esp kalau penggunaan secara rasmi. Heh.

Rin said...

grammar tak kirala bahasa apa pun adalah susah.. tp grammar adalah nadi bahasa.. benci..keh3x

azura.naem said...

I have a thing about people typing/writing with billions of exclamation points. It's freaking annoying. Especially when you already know that person is freaking "gedik" in real life. Ingat habis comel la type "Seronok giler!!!!!!! :)))))) ;)))))!!!!" .

Ye, saya terlalu memikirkan hal orang dan menambah dosa sendiri. Serta sibuk di blog AM. Tapi terpaksa luahkan juga. Maaf ya!

Marliza Radzi said...

Reena: Kan?

Arin: Grammar memang susah tapi yang basic tak boleh salahlah. Menggeramkan.

Zura: Samalah saya!!!!!!! :))))!!!! Hahaha!

twayblade said...

the red mania attacked me too. my red car. my red hp. my red asadi selipar jamban. my red tudung. sampai ke barang2 anak pun dimerahkan jugak. yes, definitely turning to be like my mom also. ishh.

Marliza Radzi said...

Ida: Haha! Belum sampai ke red tudung. Soon?

Nurdyana said...

I love this entry! :)