Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Q: What is the most common pregnancy craving?
A: For men to be the ones who get pregnant.

What Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman, according to Greg N. of AskMen.com. I think they’re hilarious! Take note, para husbands.

(1) "How come you're so much fatter than the other chicks in Lamaze?"
(2) "What's the big deal? If you can handle 'me' going in, surely you can handle a baby coming out."
(3) "Hey, when you're finished puking in there, get me a beer, will ya?"
(4) "Yo, fatass! You're blocking the TV!"
(5) "Looking at her, you'd never guess that Pamela Anderson had a baby!"
(6) "I sure hope your thighs aren't gonna stay that flabby forever!"
(7) "Fred passed a stone the size of a pea. Boy, that's gotta hurt."
(8) "Got milk?"
(9) "Maybe we should name the baby after my secretary, Tawney."

Kah kah kah. Well, at the rate I am going, I think I am going to be really huge at the end of my pregnancy. I don’t really mind sebenarnya, because I think pregnant women are sexy! Ngeh ngeh. Tapi setiap kali mahu pergi monthly check up, akan merasa berdebar that my gynae would lecture me on my weight gain. Ngeee. Thank God semalam tak kena lecture; maybe I am gaining the proper weight after all.

Dan ya, kedengarannya amat memeritkan to lose pregnancy weight. Tapi tak apalah, belum masanyalah untuk fikirkan itu semua. Terlalu awal, Marliza! Pedulikanlah! Heheh. My aim now is to eat well so that the little one will get the proper nutrition yang diperlukan. And while I’m at that, it doesn’t hurt to have a little sinful fun. Sorry lah, couldn’t help it, I looooove foods. Hehe.

I must say that being moody and restless is undoubtedly part and parcel of being pregnant. Being pregnant and having to work your ass off as a litigation lawyer is pretty much tiring. The physical exhaustion of having to turun naik Mahkamah. The unnecessary stress from bosses and clients. Dengan paper works yang tak pernah surut. Adoilah letih tau!

But yeah, I love love love being pregnant! So I promise myself that in spite of everything, I won’t complaint much. No complaint, Marliza, no complaint, for I am too blessed to be stress :)

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newlifenewbeginning said...

huhu at least ur showing beb..i ni nak masuk 20 weeks dah but my tummy doesnt look anything like urs..sume org kata kecik..huwaa..