Monday, June 08, 2009

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle
Life is a maze and love is a riddle

1. It’s Monday. I’m bored and lazy. Got a submission to be finalized by today and I have yet to even begin. I’ve got nothing special to blog about but since it’s been a while since I last updated, I thought I’d just bebel-bebel for the sake of menyapu sawang. Feel free to leave because I’ll be writing crap.

2. I had the greatest time meeting Ayin and her husband Zul for (overpriced) coffee on Friday. It has been a while since we last met; it was last Raya I think, and I was a bit more kurus back then. Hep, please refrain from staring directly into my double chin! Haha. We borak, borak and borak like nobody’s business. Kesian Zul had to just sit there and blend in our petty, girly tête-à-tête. I was very relieved when my Husband finally showed up to keep Zul company. Haha. I miss you already, babe.

3. Speaking of overpriced coffee, it has been quite sometime since I last tasted Starbucks yummylicious drinks. Coffee Bean has since replaced my love for Starbucks, albeit reluctantly. Coffee Bean’s Black Forest Ice Blended is heavenly but their selections are no match to Starbucks’. Sangat limited. But boycott is boycott, and as long as I can bear living without Starbucks coffee, Coffee Bean menjadi teman tatkala kepingin kopi mahal. Ngeh.

4. Anyways, my Sunday was eventful. We woke up early and went for morning jog at the beautiful Kebun Bunga. Had delicious Mihun Soto at the Hutan Bandar for breakfast and spent hours there reading Sunday newspapers (Saya sangat suka surat khabar Ahad! The Star, especially! Terlalu!) Stopped by the Suzuki outlet to check out their Swift promotion. Lazed around and watched TV while the Husband did some work (kesian dia). Ordered in some pizza and some chicken wings for lunch (so much for exercise, huh?) Went to Giant to get some groceries and later at night, we went to a friend’s beautiful wedding ceremony. It was a great Sunday!

5. Oh, I’m letting go of my red hot Savvy. Friday was our last day together (sob!) and tonight, my brother-in-law is driving it to KL for good. I’ve traded it in for another car, a second-hand, non-Malaysian car. I’ve had enough with Malaysian car; Proton’s to be exact. I love my Savvy but it has been giving me a lot of problems in its 3rd year. Costly problems, I must add. Sigh. I’m currently car-less, but I like having the Husband sending me to work!

6. Look people, isn’t Canon Ixus 870 IS a dream? Look at that sleek body with that pretty chrome finishing! I’m in love. I’ve been yearning for a good compact camera since forever, which is quite silly actually, sebab kami sudah ada a good, basic DSLR. But I really want a small camera that I can carry around everywhere. I already saved some money but the fund had to be used for a small business project, so I have to resave again now. Zul told me that Canon Ixus 870 IS is the best compact camera around and I’ve stumbled upon many good reviews about it as well. Bersabarlah wahai Ixus 870 IS, you’ll be mine someday.

7. What business project, you ask? Me and my two best friends, Far the Kindred and Dod, kini menjadi Gadis Penjual Batik Terengganu. Ngeh ngeh. I’ve sold a number of pieces to my friends, colleagues and relatives. Would you be interested if I sell the Batik online? Once you see the beautiful, grade A quality of the Batik, you’d be mesmerized, I assure you. And we are selling them at much, much lower price than what other people are selling. Trust me. Any cheaper, you’d have to go to Terengganu yourself. Itupun belum tentu. Ngeee. If you’re interested, I’ll upload them ASAP. Tunggu!

8. I’m dying to go to the Singapore Big Sale. Too bad I don’t have the budget for it. People, if you’re planning on doing some shopping, this is a good time to go to Singapore. My friend told me that the sale was madness. You can get a Guess watch that would cost you RM1000 ++ here, at $300 ++ with 40% discount. How crazy is that? Silalah. I will just bersabar over here in JB. Heh. Oh and on the way there, bila lalu JB, feel free to contact me and belanja I minum, I’d never say no to kopi mahal. Haha.

Marliza Radzi out!

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