Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Tough and funny and a little bit kind; that is
as near to perfection as a human being can be
- Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook

How in the world? Apparently someone googled Arnab Masak Kicap and landed here. Blaus Cantik, Nik Nur Madihah, Kembar Lapan, Gambar Telekung, Pasar Ikan - -- these I could understand. But Arnab Masak Kicap? I never wrote anything about cooking arnab here. I’ve never even tasted arnab in my whole life! I think they’re too cute to be a dish. Lazatkah?

Yes I am! I'm a transparent blogger, remember?

Have you heard of the Bipolar Disorder? It is a scary, scary disease. I just saw one case on Oprah; this woman, she strangled her own son tanpa sedar. It’s as if dia menjadi orang lain seketika and had a lapse of judgment. It is basically a mood disorder; patients suffer depression, hallucination, delusion and mania. Menakutkan seh! This could happen to anyone of us! But then again, perhaps practicing Muslim akan sedikit sukar untuk diserang Bipolar Disorder sebab kita sentiasa ada Allah untuk mengadu, sentiasa perlu yakin dengan qada’ dan qadar dan sentiasa akan tenang selepas solat. Which is why I say practicing Muslim, with emphasis on practicing.

I hate judgmental people. Not to say that I’ve never been guilty of having first impression and what not; but some people, they really judge. They see you and they decide there and then what kind of person you are. They read your blog and they conclude you as this and that. I hate them. No I don’t exactly hate the judgmental individuals. I hate what they do. I hate it when they judge. Only Allah has the right to judge.

M: ‘Does your feet hurt?’ F: ‘No. Why?’ M: ‘Because you’ve been running in my mind the whole day long.’ Ngeee. I just saw one of the Channel V VJ trying that line on a girl. And no, despite his good look, he failed. Because you’ve been running in my mind the whole day long? Eyew. How more lame can a pick-up line be? Apparently there are a lot of lame pick-up lines! Read them here. Poyo-poyo belaka! ‘I'd marry your cat just to get in the family’? That is just so disturbing on so many levels. Haha.

Even Some Ecards can do better.

As you can see, I am quite obsessed with the comel cards from Some Ecards. But I've got a new-found obsession! Stoodle is so darn cute! Thanks to Srikandi Dilla for the introduction. It’s a site where the Stoodle team doodle cute cartoons based on people’s Facebook random status. I really hope they’ll do their entries more often. Although I’m pretty sure my Facebook status will never get picked. Mine are always so boring. Yawn. Go see for yourself, their images are too cute to resist.

Have anyone ever stayed in Jalan Jaksa area? I read that there are a lot of budget/backpacker hotels in Jalan Jaksa. There is even one that looks more like an art gallery than a budget hotel. But I also read that Jalan Jaksa has deteriorated; which means, a lot less safe and a lot more call girls dan kegiatan seumpamanya. Any first-hand information? And what about Bandung? We’re thinking of a day trip only (sebab saya kepingin mahu naik kereta api yang seperti cool itu, the jakun that I am) but we haven’t really planned our whole trip jadi silalah bermurah hati memberikan cadangan. Besides shop and watch live bands, what else should we do in Jakarta?

Oh and I just finished reading A Place Called Here (yeah it took me quite some time due my emotional roller coaster) I absolutely adore Cecilia Ahern’s ability to combine obsessive compulsive disorder, magical lala land and the theory of emotional disappearance, all into one, and created a candy-sweet fairy tale. Comel betullah! So excuse me now, you guys go and have a good day. I want to engross myself in If You Could See Me Now. If only you could see me now, wallowing in self-pity and what not. Sigh.

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