Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must"
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I’m not feeling too well. I am on medical leave and absolutely will not entertain any calls or e-mails from work whatsoever. And if you are no one from work but your calls are not being answered, please have faith that I am okay. Maybe I just don’t feel like talking or sharing. Please text me instead.

Don’t ask me why. If you don’t know by now, that means I’m not comfortable to tell you about it and/or you’re not my best friends. No offense, okay.

I guess I don’t have the pessimist streak in my blood. It’s just who I am. One minute I’d be down and all cried out; and the next, I’d be laughing to something funny on the TV. I believe Allah works in mysterious ways and He probably has better plans for me. I just got to have faith, huh?

You know I blog with my real identity. I have to say that it sucks sometimes; because there are just some things you can’t and/or don’t want to share with strangers. I wish I have an anonymous blog where I can whine and bitch and bear it all like nobody’s business. Maybe I should. I’ve been contemplating this for a while but am just too lazy to maintain too many blogs at one time. And I guess I am such a transparent writer; you’d probably know it’s me, Marliza Radzi after a few anonymous entries.

Dear strangers and friends, yes you, the one who’s reading this pathetic entry of mine, I thank you from the bottom of my exhausted heart. It’s because of you I can finally cash out some moolah from my Nuffnang account! I love you all for that. Thanks for making today a better day. I’m going to cash out those humble RM and buy me something nice to mend my heart, not that it is possible. Sigh.

Owh! Dear strangers and friends, on a lighter, cheerier note, if you have been to Jakarta and have stayed in a good, budget hotel, please let me know. Oh and it has to be in the centre of the town; you know, to minimize the transportation cost. We’re going there soon but have yet to settle on a hotel. Been googling but would like to hear suggestions from you guys.

Now I’m going to get back to my TV and you guys go get back to your work and/or pretending to work and what not. Whose Line Is It Anyway is on, The Nanny is up in 40 minutes, FRIENDS will be on at 7 and Ugly Betty at 9.30. That’s enough TV to fill the void in my exhausted heart. Perhaps I should go immerse myself in a book while waiting for my darling hubby to get back from work. I have a large chocolate bar in front of me now. Chocolate is a remedy for all maladies, no? Should I go eat the whole bar, no?

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