Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"A book is a gift you can open and open again" - Garrison Keiller

The first recipient of The Last Lecture Giveaway, Yan Yan!
Happy belated birthday, Yan Yan darling!
Hope you’ll like the book as much as I do!

For some reasons, I am not feeling too chirpy today. I miss my Husband badly. My roommate is on leave lalu merasa sunyi. Kerja menimbun-nimbun. I miss my angels; it’s been a while since we last hang out all the 9 of us! Oh I so miss you girls! I miss chatting with Ayin; baliklah Bintulu cepat, rindulah, beb! I am sleepy. I feel fat. I should not have worn grey today; should have worn something bright like pink or something. All I want to do now is go home, change into something comfy, turn on the TV, watch Youtube or read some book. I’ve been so negative lately! Ask Far if you need verification. And of course she knows the core reason behind all this negative aura I have been projecting. I tried forcing some smile because I read somewhere that kalau senyum, akan susah untuk menjadi negatif; that usually works for me but no, not today. Today I hate everything and possibly everyone. Yuck. Tolong beri tamparan kesedaran sikit kat muka saya, please?

Anyways (perenggan di atas adalah selingan random untuk berkongsi mood negatif lantas menjadi a bag of toxicity), if I have to list only 3 of my favourite books ever (selain The Last Lecture), they would be:

If you’re an avid reader who (in Joey’s words) read for pleasure, please share with me your favourite books. Spread the joy. See if you can help improve my mood. Ngeee. Just shoot me lah.

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