Monday, December 22, 2008

Geylang si paku geylang
Geylang si rama-rama

Armed with our passports, a fully charged camera and PSP, a print-out map form the Internet, some Singapore dollars and errr, of course, credit cards, last Saturday we embarked on our journey to Singapore. This is my first time there after 15 years! Sungguh lama.

It didn’t start out too good though. Had some problem at the Singapore check point; apparently back in 2006, my brother in law once drove the same car to Singapore but did not buy the Auto Pass and hence, did not pay the ERP and what not. The Husband had to pay $140! But he negotiated and explained everything to the immigration enforcement, who had the nerve to tell the Husband, “we’re gonna need evidence that it’s not you who was here on such date in 2006”. Talk about messing with the absolute wrong person! He’s a prosecutor for God’s sake! Even the Evidence Act is at the tips of his finger! Hahaha! In the end, we had to pay $25 only.

Sesat jugalah here and there. The map was not too helpful and the signboards in Singapore are as bad! One thing about Singapore though yang sungguh mengkagumkan ialah definitely it’s architecture! The buildings there sungguh cantik, terasa seperti di New York! (Not that I’ve ever been to NY but you know I watch a lot of American TV kan? Heh) Oh and of course, ia sebuah negara yang sungguh bersih.

We went to the Orchard Road, Bugis Street and the Little India; and managed to do some shopping there.

Hubby bought an iPod Shuffle at one Apple Store in the Bugis Street.

At the Lucky Plaza we grabbed some miniature perfumes.

After filling ourselves with Leaf Rice at the Little India,
we bought Paheli and Kal Ho Na Ho. Heh.

Oh and Hubby got me a brand new wallet from the Guess boutique in Takashimaya to replace my old usang Elle wallet.

And these are my favourite items of them all! 8 books for only $43! Gila kan?

All in all, it was a fun one-day visit and now I am demam, on medical leave at home. Perhaps the Singapore wind was a tad too much for me. Heh.

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