Monday, October 20, 2008

“It's the most unhappy people who most fear change”
- Mignon McLaughlin in The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966

I am seriously thinking of switching to DiGi Postpaid and keeping my C*elcom number. While I agree that C*elcom has the widest coverage, I’m simply pissed off that I have to top up my prepaid dengan kerap sedangkan I hardly make calls. The Husband has been using DiGi Postpaid for years now dan saya mendapati bilnya agak rendah considering that dia lebih banyak buat panggilan kerana dia malas menaip SMS, juga, saya sering menggunakan talian dia untuk buat panggilan. Hmm maybe I should switch.

Besides, I really like their website. Sungguh user-friendly. And it is a known fact that I really, really like their adverts. See? Siapa kata simple things do not matter? It matters to people like me. When you care enough to make your website that accessible and your iklan that cool, I care enough to switch for you. Maybe I should do it today. Owh no, I’m not paid to do this advert.

And speaking of switching, we'd have to move to another place soon. Kami sungguh suka rumah kami but the owner is selling the place; we were initially interested to purchase it kerana: (a) kami sungguh suka ia, (b) kami mungkin boleh menyewakannya when/if the Husband got transferred kerana it is in a good location, dan (c) the owner was asking for quite a good price. Tetapi after sitting on the idea for a while, we don’t think it is wise to make the purchase. Mengapa? Tak perlulah saya elaborate di sini.

Maka, we’re looking for a new place and if you dudes/babes know any, please let me know. I’m thinking a townhouse or another apartment/condo, but the Husband wants a landed place pula. I really like the look of Sri Samudera, Datin Halimah, Pulai View; but the rent of those places are beyond what we’re willing to pay. I heard Villa Rose Townhouse rent is quite okay tetapi seperti tiada vacancy for rental. So please, let me know, eh?

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