Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm in the Benz on Monday
The BM on Tuesday
Range on Wednesday
Thursday I'm in the Hooptay
Porsche on Friday
I do things my way
Vipe or Vette, I tear up the highway

I was tagged by Haneem but am too lazy to answer all of the TAG questions right now. And besides, I’m at work with works piling on my desk! What am I doing blogging when I have so much work to be done? Sila jangan report kepada Lady Boss saya. Beliau sedang sarat mengandung. I just have to get this out of my system. Ada satu soalan in that TAG that intrigued me, mostly because soalan itu membenarkan saya berangan-angan. Ngeee. The question is, “What would you do with a billion dollars?”

To that question, I would like to say, where do I even start?

(a) At the risk of sounding like Ross, I would first save/invest most of the moolah. Maybe more than half. Boring, I know. Tetapi saving/investment adalah perlu. Walaupun Dirgahayu Malaysia ini mengaku masih economically stable when the rest of the world has declared recession, saya rasa, mari jangan percaya. Dirgahayu Malaysia is simply in denial.

Pak-Pak Menteri tentulah have nothing to worry about, they have millions in their savings when I can only imagine how millions looks like. Saya teka saja ya, Pak Menteri. Saya tidak fitnah. Ngeee.

(b) Invest in a few high-end properties or something; I don’t know, I’m not a real estate expert, but I think I could be Trump-savvy if I have the moolah.

(c) Definitely buy a swanky, huge place for us and furnish/decorate it with pretty, pretty things. Preferably in Shah Alam. Simply because I really like Shah Alam and they have pretty, pretty houses there. No offence, JB.

(d) Maybe buy a brand new car? A cool one. A hybrid, perhaps? Barulah Hollywood-ness fabulosity. Hubby nak kereta apa?

(e) Buy my parents and my in laws new cars each. Their pick.

Send my parents to a trip around the world and my in laws to Hajj.

(g) I’d definitely give some moolah to my Little Bro. RM100 K, cukup, dek?

(h) I would donate some to my favourite charity. If and/or when saya menjadi kaya, sila remind saya mengenai ini, just in case saya lupa diri.

One thing I’d really like to do if I have the money is to finance a few, poor anak yatim sehingga tamat belajar ke menara gading. How wonderful (Sekali lagi, sila remind saya jika saya gelap mata)

(j) Shopping! Hubby, all you can take, ya. New clothes, new phone, PSP, Wii, PS3, Xbox, all the gadgets in the world; ambillah, everything on me.

(k) Next, to the bookstore; shop for books books books!

Calling all AM’s friends! I’d like to belanja you guys to a fabulous dinner with some pressies to go with! Tiba-tiba pada ketika ini, meluru semua datang mengaku kawan; all those busuk hati people from my past and what not. But I shall not be fooled. I know who my friends and my foes are. Okaylah, bukan foes, I’d like to think that I have no foes; let’s call them People I’d Rather Not Be Friends With. Heh.

[Izin Laluan: Tiba-tiba teringat angan-angan Kindred Spirit saya ketika zaman uni; jika dia dapat durian runtuh, apa yang akan dia beli untuk kawan-kawan. The funniest I could recall ialah dia mahu beli Smart TAG untuk Aniz! Juga berus gigi elektrik untuk adiknya! WTF?! Hahaha]

(m) Maybe I’ll become an Ah-Long! Oh silap, the socially acceptable term is Pemberi Pinjaman Wang Berlesen. Come, come, loan with low interest rate. “Whatever loan you want, we also have”

(n) Perhaps set up a few small businesses? Floral shop. Bridal shop. Coffee shop. Magazine shop. Nothing substantial, something fun.

Oh oh I know! Give the Husband the capital to set up his own legal practice! So that he can finally do things he loves while getting rich at it. Ngeee (I’m such a darling wife, don’t you think so?)

(p) But what I want to do the most is take a break from work and go travel with the Husband all around the globe. Oh my, bestnya bestnya!

(q) And maybe take a break from work for good and manage the (above-mentioned) small businesses. Maybe then, I could write a book (berangan).

That’s all I could think of at the mo. Now I gotta stop pretending to live a fabulous billionaire life and back to being an underpaid lawyer. Jangan benarkan this penniless woman meneruskan angan-angannya.

So, people? What would you do with One Billion Doughs?

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