Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"If you judge people you have no time to love them" ~ Mother Teresa

I finally got my computer and now I’m blogging from work! Woohoo! It’s 8.20 in the morning and I’m all geared up to start working on the legal opinion due today. But first, a little update on work: I’m liking the works I’m currently getting, my roomie is super nice (sharing room is not bad after all, seronok juga ada kawan bersembang bila mengantuk, ngeee), my immediate superior (who happens to be a friend of my ex-boss) is one cool Muslimah and other people are okay too. So far so good. Tapi perlu skeptical, baru few days kan, true colours semua perkara belum kelihatan lagi.

But I promise you I’ll enjoy the ride. Ngeee :D

Yesterday was Dod’s birthday so I treated her for a birthday dinner at Imano’s Café in Angsana (I like the foods there, tak faham mengapa sungguh sedikit pelanggannya). And after solat Maghrib at the spacious surau (I highly respect malls with spacious, well maintained surau), kami berjalan-jalan di syurga baju raya itu. Sungguh membahagiakan.

As a natijah dari overdose of baju raya galore di Angsana:
(a) semalam saya telah pengsan di hadapan TV sehinggalah Suami pulang dari outstation dari Batu Pahat;
(b) saya memakai my Mary Jane flats ke kerja hari ini – sure it’s not too cute when paired with work attire but I’m so comfy I don’t even care.

Have a good day dan berpuasalah bersungguh-sungguh semua!

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