Thursday, July 31, 2008

So no one told you life was gonna be this way?

I am going random today. You don’t have to read this.

1. I can be a total klutz sometimes; yesterday I cut my finger with a fruit peeler while peeling mango (I was making jeruk!) and burned myself while ironing the Husband’s shirt. Kini ada kesan yang hodoh.

2. This is totally uninformative, but Ayin and I are crazy about:
(a) Destinasi Bajet’s cool host. Watch him on 8TV, Wednesday 9.30 p.m.
(b) Ross and Rachel’s adorable daughter Emma. Gigit jom!

3. And speaking of FRIENDS (which everyone knows is my all-time favourite comedy), I think Joey and Rachel makes a very cute couple.

4. And speaking of Ayin; she is flying to London in a few days and I am so excited for her! (and jealous too hehehe) Ketik foto banyak-banyak ya, dong!

5. I am fasting and naturally, I am already thinking of what to have for berbuka puasa. I did not cook yesterday (the Husband membelikanku Nasi Ayam before he went off to play badminton with his colleagues) but I did bake some dodgy-looking (but yummy!) cupcakes to satisfy my craving. Today I’m thinking Cucur Udang. But I don’t have daun kucai dan tauge. Belasah sajalah. Bukankah ingredient utamanya cuma tepung dan udang?

6. If you have the chance untuk membaca Jigs and Reels (it is a compilation of short stories), anda perlu membaca The Ugly Sister, iaitu kisah Cinderella dari pandangan the Cinderella’s step-sister. Sungguh menarik.

7. And speaking of a spin-off; for a show that is created by the same people behind Grey’s Anatomy (which everyone knows is one of my favourite drama), I think Private Practice is a major disappointment. They succeeded in making Addison, a very strong character from Grey’s, menjadi begitu membosankan. Oh and Addison’s love interest, Tim Daly is not even that hot.

8. And is it okay that I still think that Mike Delfino is the hottest guy on TV?

Seriously people, you're still reading? Hehehe I tabik you for reading sehingga tamat. Have a good day, y'all!

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