Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ever thine.
Ever mine.
Ever ours.

~ Beethoven~

Where do I begin? Lamanya lamanya! Saya amat amat rindu to pour my heart out here. Tapi tidak Sharel, saya tidak boycott internet, on the contrary, saya amat merinduinya. I do surf the net and check e-mails now and then at the Husband's office, but most sites are blocked there. Heh.

Anyways, for starters, I am still unemployed (by choice, if I must add. Ngeee). I so so love married life and all the responsibilities (dan tentunya kebahagiaan) it brings. I am a TV junkie. Yes, even worse than before. I could now basically be the ASTRO guide. I am truly addicted to rerun of FRIENDS, rerun of House, rerun of Desperate Housewives, segalanya di E! atau secara pendeknya, segalanya di channels 701, 707, 711 dan 712, terima kasih. Kadangkala 713 dan 714, untuk reality TV shows tentunya. Yes, I am a reality TV freak. Heheh. Oh, and SATC, Made of Honour and Hancock, go go watch them all! Suka suka suka! Owh dan tentunya, in case you're wondering, saya amat bahagia :) D'oh?! Hahaha!

Here's from Ayin's visit to our humble crib :)

Here's from my beloved parents' visit. Now that's a great weekend!

Till then, semoga saya dapat mengemas kini lagi dalam masa terdekat! :D

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