Monday, July 28, 2008

The belly rules the mind ~ Spanish Proverb

So much for vowing to eat healthier. I made Nasi Lemak for brunch yesterday, complete with sambal sotong dan udang dan ayam goreng. We even had the left-over caramel pudding for dessert. Later in the evening we had chicken macaroni at the MIL’s. At 11.30 p.m, I had bread and cheese and iced chocolate for dinner (I had to, I was planning to fast today). Healthy sangatlah, huh? Owh! To top that of, we didn’t even go for the weekly jogging we promised ourselves we'd do. Woohoo! Ngeee.

Don't let me start on the meals we've been having the whole last week. You can read about them all di
Foodie Blog saya. In my defence, setidak-tidaknya, they're home-cooked meals. Bukankah lebih baik? And in Sharel's words, ia disediakan dengan 'peluh cinta'. Ngeee.

But I’m fasting today; untuk membersihkan perut saya (juga hati, tentunya) And I just cleaned the house. I read somewhere that household chores burn calories. So I guess I’ll be okay. Hahaha yalah tu.

Now I’m already thinking of what to have for fast-breaking. I’m thinking chicken. Ada any idea of resipi masakan ayam yang sedap?

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