Thursday, February 28, 2008

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one

Remember the rude lawyer I wrote about here? He has been calling since morning dan tadi, I finally gave in and answered his call. Strangely he was very nice and polite, no guessing why lah kan, he needed my indulgence this time around. I so badly wanted to retaliate but simply couldn’t. Geramnya! But again, I must emphasis my lifelong principle: “Be nice to the people you meet on your way up, because you might meet them again on your way down”, tapi isyh! Benci juga sebab tak pandai nak retaliate!

You know I just have to write about Idol – Top 10 Show. I think Castro the Hair did kinda okay, I like the song and his guitar playing but sometimes he looks like a girl, which is a problem to me. David H did really well but words have it that he used to be a stripper! (Read here) Well, it's his past but I must admit that that kinda turned me off. Haha. And although David A seems too overrated for many people’s likings, I think he really deserved the pujian melambung from the judges; his rendition of Imagine was simply beautiful, not over the top, just simple, beautiful vocal, right on the note. Michael Johns was as boring as a rocker could be. I’ve been a fan since start but yesterday was simply BLAH. One thing maintained though, P*aula’s tendency to make bizarre comments. This time around, there was no colours of the rainbow mentioned, but the comment she made for David A was so disturbingly weird: “I want to just squish you, squeeze your head off and dangle you from my rearview mirror.” Huh?! But what do I know? I’m just a lawyer who loves my TV. Heh.

Sources: Fox TV, YouTube & SocialiteLife

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