Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm addicted to stress that's the way that I get things done
If I'm not under pressure then I sleep too long

To those who accused me of “kurus sebab diet” or “tak ada isi sebab tak makan nasi”, when I am the type yang setiap hari mengambil complete meals of (at least) breakfast, lunch and dinner, yang sehari tak jumpa nasi merasa tidak bahagia, yang boleh makan nasi lemak Gembira with rendang ayam and roti bom in one go dan yang hanya exercise once in a blue moon, I shall say: You may have never been to KL Court Complex.

[Photo Credit: Here]

It is so huge you could lose a few kgs just to get from one wing to another. I think I just lost 2 kgs today; I had to go from the MC on Level 2, Left Wing to the HC on Level 5, Left Wing, to the SC on Level 3, Right Wing; all the while carrying a bundle of heavy files. Itu belum termasuk lagi bahawa there are only 4 elevators available, yang dikongsi oleh lawyers bersama public; hence most of the times, the fastest way to get up and down is by stairs.

You get what I mean? KL Court Complex is (one of) the reason(s) why Nijoh’s engagement ring is suddenly longgar, why my naturally small pergelangan tangan semakin terbantut tumbesarannya and why my BMI scale is now below normal.

Thank you, KL Court Complex for the involuntary weight loss.

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