Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A highway with no one on it
Treasure just to look upon it
All the riches in the night

Discovering how acceptance can literally change the course of your life is an extremely important, empowering, and life changing step that, if initiated will literally open the flow of unlimited abundance and happiness into your day to day life experience and allow you to begin attracting those things that you most desire, rather than continuously attracting those things that you don't.

Once you have established the awareness as to how acceptance can and will change the circumstances that you perceive as negative outcomes, you will be empowered to begin to consciously attract the desirable conditions, events, and circumstances into your life and positively change the current undesirable events you are experiencing with seemingly little effort - From the article The Power Of Acceptance.

Like accepting the fact that you can have what you want from somewhere else without having to sacrifice too much. Ngeee.

Like if C*andid S*yndrome is way way way beyond your budget,
it is tear-jerking even to consider them,

[Photo Credit: S*aiful N*ang]

G*reen A*pple and your best friend's husband instead
for equally beautiful wedding photos.

[Photo Credit: GreenApple]

[Photo Credit: ZulMaha]

Like although a reception at the glamorous
Dewan Felda Merak Kayangan and its likes would be grandeur and hassle-free,

[Photo Credit: U*dey I*smail]

having it at home would be much more personal and insyaAllah can be as beautiful. For Ibu, CT Catering is the way to go. Always.

[Photo from our engagement album]

Like instead of having
C*hoffles to bake you
the gorgeous wedding cake of your dream,

[Photo Credit: C*hoffles]

you can choose to get
Nijoh's talented mom to do that for you.
here for gorgeous selections!

[Cake by Kek Hantaran from our engagement album]

Like although customized chocolate from
C*hocolate G*raphics is so cool,

[Photo Credit: C*hocolate G*raphics]

you can opt for
Zura's pweety pweety cupcakes instead!

[Photo Credit: Zura]

Like although hiring someone pro like
Shaja to do
your hantaran would be hassle-free,

[Photo Credit: Shaja]

you can always ask your mom to do it for you. That is, if she has the talent and the passion. Or, like Kano, you can always get someone's mom to gratefully do it for you FOC. Ngeee.

[Photo from our engagement album]

Aah the power of acceptance :) It is truly empowering.

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