Saturday, January 12, 2008

God I feel so small sometimes in this big old place
Yeah I know there's more important things
But don't forget to remember me

I succumbed to my temptation caused by all the hype and the long queue, and resulted in conforming to the urban society. Now I am hooked on the yummy donuts of Indonesian own J.Co.

I am so rooting for the hunky hunks of the Amazing Race Asia 2. And Rovilson’s adorable “Spelling Bee Runnor Up” t-shirt definitely doesn’t help with my obsession. Too cute.

Serendipity used to be my all time favourite romantic movie, until recently The Perfect Catch came along and now I can’t decide anymore.

What is it with my girls and the magic they have on me? I pity those without their own bunch of chill pills. I really do.

Driving on the highway is to me, very therapeutic.

There are times when I get this out-of-body feeling in Court; probably because sometimes I feel like I am just acting as a matured, know-it-all lawyer while deep down I am still my daddy’s little girl.

I feel so selfish after watching Oprah's episode on Giving today. When was the last time I contributed in making a real impact in someone's life?!

Sometimes I forget that I am getting married in less than 3 months! I think that man, the fiancé, deserves a salute, for he is brave enough to take the risk to marry a spoiled, neurotic girl. Yes, I wrote it right. Girl.

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