Thursday, December 27, 2007

In your life expect some trouble
When you worry you make it double
So don't worry be happy

Remember this episode of Ugly Betty? Betty showed up at work all dressed up as a butterfly for the Mode Halloween Costume Contest only to learn that there wasn't one! Thanks to Marc and Amanda the rascals. But how did Betty respond to the prank? She simply exclaimed, “Well I guess, I win then” and flashed her positive smile. She is so damn positive! I don't think I can ever do that, be that. If it were to happen to me, I’d probably be very upset, call the fiance and cry a little (or a lot!) and go home change! But I guess I wouldn't be wearing that to the office in the first place. It takes a lot of guts (and inner beauty of course) to wear what Betty wears. If only I can have half of her optimism and self esteem, I’d be good. Teehehe.

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