Monday, November 05, 2007

You light the skies up above me.
A star, so bright, you blind me.
Don’t close your eyes. Don’t fade away.

The weekend was fun! Fetched Sweetheart from the airport on Saturday, spent the whole day in Low Yat, went to Bon & Zimah’s reception at night, to Huzaimi’s grandeur open house on Sunday, visited Jas & Din’s newborn then after, watched Stardust, sahur at mamak and slept at 3 a.m. after Naem & I finally got tired of gossiping. Now I am feeling so dizzy at work.

Stardust, oh my. Having read the book, I was skeptical to watch the movie because, as beautiful as the book is, the storyline seems very complicated to be adapted into a screenplay. But it was brilliantly done. The movie is enchantingly beautiful, the screenplay is way beyond my expectation and the casts fit the characters perfectly. Especially Claire Danes; she is exactly how I imagined the Star is, with her angelic face, glowing blonde hair and smart mouth. Stardust is now without a doubt one of my favourites. Listen to the beautiful soundtrack, Rule the World by Take That here.

And oh! Ngeee. After much discussions, deliberation and expert opinions, Sweetheart and I finally made the purchase! We are now the proud co-owner of a
Nikon D40, and it feels real good! Ngeh ngeh.

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