Saturday, October 06, 2007

Apakah yang dikejar dalam hidupmu?

So I’ve talked to the Boss, and man, was she shocked. Two days after, the Firm made a counter offer I can’t resist; renewal of contract with a raise. Alhamdulillah. And after much contemplation dan pengaduan kepadaNya, against almost all suggestions/opinions/advises, I decided to accept the Firm’s offer and decline the Company’s. Maybe I’ll regret this decision, maybe I won’t. If I don’t, alhamdulillah. But if I do, please don’t tell me ‘I told you so’; just be there for me and watch me ‘ate it up and spit it out’. Ngeee.

On another note. Everybody loves Upin dan Ipin! Zura mentioned about it in her blog and Yunik told me some of the episodes are available on YouTube. Maka disebabkan gua hanya telah menonton the 1st episode on TV9, I searched them on YouTube and there they are, the adorable Upin and Ipin! Watch the 1st episode, Esok Puasa here. Watch my favourite episode, Dugaan here. Watch the 3rd episode, Nikmat here. Watch the 4th episode, Tarawikh here. Have a good weekend, y'all!

Updated on Monday the 8th:
Another potential Employer called and offered an interview, to which I safely replied, “Can I call you back in a moment?” simply because I did not know how to directly say “No, thank you”. Now that I’ve accepted the Firm’s offer, I know I should have withdrawn all the applications I sent last month via JobStreet, but I just can’t get myself to do so. Selfish, I know. Ngeee.

To withdraw or not to withdraw. You know I already know the answer.

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