Monday, August 13, 2007

The good times hide, so will I
Watch the world roll by from my hole
I'm gonna let the bad times roll

You gotta take your muse wherever you can find them. Be it:

By planning your wedding; or

By going to the International Jewellery Fair held in Mandarin Oriental and making some essential purchases; or

By spending time doing fun fun fun stuffs with your sweetheart; or

By watching
High School Musical with your mom (who liked the movie very much she cheered for Wild Cats when they scored their victory point) and wondering that whether you’d be somewhat close to being a pedophile if you think Zac Efron is cute; or

By YM-ing with Kano about wedding preparations; or

By YM-ing with
Yunik about Dilbert and Summer Love and everything fun; or

By eating this and that, here and there without feeling guilty; or

By watching the hot hot hot
Timothy Olyphant pairing up with Jennifer Garner in the movie Catch and Release and thinking that if you were Ben Affleck, you’d be damned because Timothy is simply yummy.

Mr. 'Yummy' Timothy. Ngeee.

The past two weekends were wonderful. And then comes Mondays. The thing is, I don’t want to feel like I have to go to work and do my work. I want to want to. That’s what's lacking here. Too much to ask for?

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