Friday, July 27, 2007

You get what you see, when you see what I've got

I watched 10 minutes of E.R. yesterday and realized that McDreamy existed way before Derek Shepherd came into picture. It was Dr. Doug Ross! George Clooney was the McDreamy of E.R! Dreamy indeed, huh?

In the spirit of Jumaat, penghulu segala hari, I’d like to share a little something Ayunik shared with me sometime ago. A little sharing goes a long way, eh babe? On why we don the hijab. Everyone has their own sebab, own tujuan, own nawaitu. But I believe that the utmost important reason is/should be: Because Allah SWT told us so.

I think the writer succeeded in portraying her view in a laidback, easy-to-digest way. Have a read. And oh, click on the picture for larger view, so that you can actually read, unless you have super vision. Ngeee.

My dear Ayin flew to Bintulu this morning and I didn't get to send her off sebab dia gerak dari Senai :-( Gonna miss you, bebeh! Ketemu di YM ya!

Kalian semua, have a blessed Friday and a good weekend, ya! :-)

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