Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mata terpejam dan hati menggumam
Di ruang rindu kita bertemu

I had a great time on Saturday, meeting my girls for Milia’s lovely wedding dan kemudiannya for minum-minum and borak-borak at the Summit. After every session with my girls, gua akan tulis, “It was so much fun”. Hahaha. Maybe it is because of my vocabulary handicap. Atau mungkin kerana memang ia sentiasa so much fun! Hehe. Cannot wait for our trip to Penang; our last trip before one of us, our dear Far, my dearest Kindred Spirit menjadi isteri orang. Things will definitely change, but change is not always a bad thing. We'll be okay. After all, girlfriends are forever.

Yours truly and some of her beloved girls - Ana, Naem & Far. Some left earlier and some could not make it to the reception.

Elin (who took the above pic) & I - As you can see, I was in love with the door gift. I was showing it off in both pictures. Hehehe.

Cerita lain - Siapa yang selalu berjalan dengan gua knows that gua selalu tertinggal kasut gua, ada je tempat dia nak tersangkut - tangga, divider jalan, longkang, jeriji etc etc. Far used to call me Cinderella for that. At least Cinderella tertinggal kasut dia sekali je, and resulted brilliantly. Heh. Anyways, tadi tertinggal kasut lagi near to my parking place. Cheh buat malu je. Ramai orang! Nasib baik gua kamceng dengan pakcik jaga parking tu, ada jugak geng nak gelak bersama. Hahaha. Tiada motif.

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