Friday, May 25, 2007

Relax, take it easy
For there is nothing that we can do

My best friend’s fiancé gave me the link to the above cynicism. Hehehe. Keji tapi comel. I felt so lega after getting my worries out of my system semalam. Heh. Although ketidakpuasanhati masih berleluasa dalam jiwa ini, I must say (again) that I enjoy (jugaklah) my work. Kelmarin I felt so puas hati when my application was allowed by the Court - it was an application yang jarang2 dibuat thus I’ve got no precedents and I did everything from scratch. Today pula, I was puas hati with my oral submissions; dismissed or allowed by the Court, belakang kira, because I’ve done my best.

Excuse the legal jargons (if any). Apa yang cuba gua sampaikan, all in all:
Gaji ciput = Checked
Irritating people = Checked
Ketidakpuasan hati = Checked

However, ada jugalah silver lining nya:
Nice workmates/colleagues cum friends = Checked
Stress reduction = Checked (my family and I are going to Penang today)
Job satisfaction = Okayla, okayla, checked.

Apparently, listening to Mika's Relax (Take It Easy) beribu-ribu kali boleh do some magic on me. Hahaha!

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