Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Is the rope I walk wearing thin?
Is the life I love caving in?
Is the weight on your mind
A heavy black bird caged inside?

~ Whatever Will Be, Vanessa Anne Hudgens

The 5W Questions:

(1) WHAT is AM's current pet peeve? Weird clients with weird non-triable cases. Sudah-sudahlah.

(2) Di manakah (WHERE) adik Yin itu? Kembalikanlah dia to his parents. His parents were on MHI today and they looked sangat gloomy and hopeless. Who wouldn’t be? Anak hilang dalam sekelip mata.

(3) Since WHEN Sham (from What Women Want) itu menjadi Mix.FM DJ? Since forever kah? Or after the show? Terdengar suaranya di Mix.FM lantas membuka website Mix.FM dan mendapati bahawa ya betul, it is him. Suaranya sangat distinctive.

(4) WHO is gonna win Nescafe Kickstart, people?! Yes it is NINIE! To ensure that, please vote for her. Almaklumlah, aku mampu vote sikit2 saja, so this free ad is to ensure more voters akan mengkreditkan kredit mereka to NINIE’s Kickstart account. Marilah bantu merealisasi a girl's dream, y'all.

(5) Kenapa (WHY) aku tiba-tiba seperti suka lagu Kasihnya Laila itu? Ngee.

Pictures are courtesy of: Mix.FM, The Malay Mail, Akademi Fantasia Official Website, The Yoga Instructor Diaries

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