Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life is a mixed blessing, which we vainly try to unmix.
~ The Second Neurotic's Notebook

There are always two (or more) sides to every stories.

K*ylie M*inogue said she left Oliver because he cheated on her (again!) but only God knows why he would stray around. I mean, he seems like a sweet man, he stood by her dan bersama2 fought her battle against cancer.

Z*ana AF5 said she couldn’t handle the stress, but medias are saying the reason she backed out is the alleged nude pictures of hers.

People look at Norah (the character from The Memory Keeper’s Daughter) and thought she must be fully content; she’s pretty, she has a wonderful, handsome husband (who is a successful doctor), she has an adorable son and she lives in a beautiful house with beautiful stuffs - what’s there to complaint about? Yet, all she felt was lost.

Paling sedih bila ada 3 sahabat, A, B dan C. A mengadu pada B, B dengar dan percaya. B lupa ada cerita side C juga. Pernah berlaku pada anda? It happened to me. It happened to most of us.

Aku suka tengok young married couple dengan seorang anak. Setiap kali nampak mereka, aku rasa happy. Dalam kotak minda aku, inilah salah satu epitome of happiness. You’re young. You’re in this together. You have life kini dan di hadapan sana, life you share together. Such a blessing.

Itu hari, I saw this young couple with a small Girl, seperti biasa akupun tengok dengan gembira. Tiba2 rupanya I know the Girl and the Mother. I know the father (who was obviously not in the pic) tapi aku tak kenal the young man with them. So I thought, this must be the Mother's new boyfriend. The Mother is separated but not divorced from her husband, hanya because her husband won’t let her go. She has a new boyfriend and she wants to marry him. Masalahnya dia masih isteri orang. And guess who is the victim here? The poor, sweet Girl, of course. They seemed happy.. and yet. Two sides to every stories.

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