Friday, January 12, 2007

I believe in luck: how else can you explain
the success of those you dislike?

Finally. Andy and Laura were eliminated from Amazing Race Asia. I simply despise Andy’s ethics. Maybe he let his competitive instinct rule his morale during the game, tapi entahlah, you can be nice and still win, seperti Uchenna and Joyce. Hampeh. The teams I’ve been rooting for are all in Top 4! Haa kan dah susah sekarang, nak sokong siapa.

The Top 4 teams are *drum roll*:

(1) First we have this Malaysian dating couple, Andrew and Syeon, yang kusokong kerana mereka Malaysian dan sungguh sweetness.

(2) I like Sandy-Francesca team because they really, really complement each other. Sandy itu seorang yang sangat positive dan happy happy, joy joy dan semua physical challenges boleh ditangani dengan mudah olehnya. Now, if only he would stop wearing those body hugging t-shirt which screams “I am in love with myself!”

(3) The M&M team from Indonesia is a joy to watch because they don’t fit the strong, athletic look yang selalunya ada pada the AR contestants. They represent ordinary people, people who love foods dan adalah gendut, and they are in the Top 4! Cayalah brothers!

(4) And, our very own Malaysian girl-power-team, Joe Jer and Zabreena. Coolness lah mereka. Even their names are cool. I hope they will win.

Both of our Malaysian teams are in the Top 4! How cool is that?! Go Malaysia!

P/S: And you know what else is cool? DIGI’s latest ad, that yellow mascot merata-rata and the cute theme song “I will follow you, follow you where ever you will go”. Even the latest radio ad for DIGI pun amat catchy dan kelakar. Kudos to DIGI for hiring a really good marketing team!

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