Friday, November 17, 2006

There is no finish line

Syukur alhamdulillah. Yours truly is now an

Indah sungguh hari ini. Everything went perfectly well. Walaupun ada beberapa jerawat yang timbul, menghadapi masalah chest pain yang melampau dan terasa seperti telah sedikit membesar selepas bercuti panjang, none of that prevented me from having a good day. This is why:

(1) The long call speech prepared by my Mover was penuh bermadah and very sweet yet funny.

(2) My Master came and robed me. Few other friends came as well, including Aniz. Terima kasih, rakan-rakan!

(3) The reception at HSK was fun dan makanan berlauk kampung sangat sedap. The best part ialah bukan sahaja partners dan lawyers yang hadir seperti lazimnya, malah seluruh kaum keluarga Civil & Muamalat Litigation Department (where I chambered in) hadir.

(4) The gift given by my colleagues was very, very unthinkably sweet (See picture), ilham Kano dan Su. Terima kasih, rakan-rakan!

(5) My Master complimented me at the reception at HSK and to my parents, many, many times, memberiku semangat untuk bekerja lebih baik (konon).

(6) My parents memberikanku hadiah-hadiah kejayaan. Ngeh ngeh.

But the best part was of course sharing this happy day with Ibu and Bapak (and Little Bro juga), without whom, nothing is possible. (Sweetheart, I so wish you were there).

Thank you Allah.

Left: Yours truly with beloved Ibu.
Right: Yours truly with her Master and Mover.

Left: Yours truly, mempoyokan diri in robe.
Right: With beloved Bapak.

Left: My Master presenting the gift from my colleagues, during the reception at HSK.
Right: The gift! Sweet tak?!!! Full of memories!

P/S: For clearer picture, click to enlarge :-)

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