Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Swearing was invented as a compromise
between running away and fighting

Mari kita main-main buat-buat definition sendiri jom!

Irony is: On the day I formally confirmed my acceptance to be retained at HSK, I got an irresistible offer from a law firm in Shah Alam. And according to Alanis, “It’s like a free ride when you’ve already paid”.

Loud is: Ibu’s friends when they came over our house today for makan-makan raya. A fun lot, they are.

Smartness is: Magicians. I am still hooked on them.

Refreshing is: Ramlee Awang Murshid’s latest novel, Bagaikan Puteri. A must read.

Relieved is: How I felt today after finally telling my parents that _______ and his _______ are coming for _______ on _______.

Friendship is: Definitely not what Kyra and Nadia have (read: Dua Hati at TV3). Selepas tamatnya rancangan itu semalam, I immediately received an sms from Far saying “Aku bersyukur ada sahabat sejati”. The feeling is mutual, babe.

Balakness is: Dr.McDreamy, Laksamana Sunan (read: Bagaikan Puteri), Zed Zaidi as Paksu Rafique and err, Sweetheart (:-P)

Excitement is: The way I feel about me being called to the Bar on this 17th. Alhamdulillah.

Anxious is: What will be happening to me on the 20th, the day I will start a new chapter at HSK. May Allah be with me.

Pitiful is: My Maybank account. Huhuhu.

Weird is: Someone telling me, “Auntie guna deodorant Yanti sikit lepas mandi tadi.” Weird why, you ask? People do not share stuff like deodorant lah, Auntie. Begitu juga berus gigi, shaver, towel. Ok, towel itu mungkin saya sahaja. Perkara-perkara sedemikian hanya boleh (dan pernah) berkongsi dengan Far sahaja. Terutamanya sekiranya Auntie hanyalah kawan kepada Ibu saya, yang saya hanya jumpa lebih kurang 3-4 kali setahun. Maka terkedu saya sambil tersenyum terkulat-kulat.

Obscene is: According to one of Ibu’s friends, Siti Nurhaliza’s latest song which she wrote for her beau, the one with “Peluklah aku, Sayangilah aku” lyrics. Obscene kah? Why?!

Tacky is: Shah Rukh Khan as Don in Don. Tapi kan, percayalah, Don is a refreshingly good Bolly movie. Ya, aku tengok Don.

Adorable is: Nora Danish in Puteri.

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