Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Questions of science, Science and progress, Do not speak as loud as my heart,
Tell me you love me, Come back to haunt me, When I rush to the start

From the moment Matthew sees Lisa, nothing else matters. She walks past the window of the shop where he works in the Wicker Park section of Chicago, and he’s immediately captivated; he follows her, they meet, and soon they fall deeply in love. Everything about their relationship seems perfect--until the day she disappears without a trace. Two years later, Matt has built a new life for himself, but he’s still haunted by her memory and the nagging torment of unanswered questions. Then he catches a quick glimpse of someone he thinks must be her in a bar--but is it? Thus begins a twisting, obsessive search for the woman who captured his heart years ago--and for someone who’s playing with his mind right now. Matthew’s search for the truth will lead him deeper into the mystery, with each discovery more deceiving than the next. Obsession can go both ways, and Matthew discovers it’s possible to love someone too much - WICKER PARK.

Wicker Park is awesome! Yatt mencadangkan movie ini kepadaku, thank you, babe. I love it. The plot is simple, the intensity is as passionate as The Notebook, the cinematography is as novel as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Josh Hartnett, hot hot hot. Teehee. I so love the ending of the movie, firstly the part where Hartnett broke up with his fiancĂ©e, Rebecca. [Matthew: I needed you to know. Rebecca: Know what? Know what, Matthew? That I'm not the girl who can break your heart?] The girl who could break his heart. Betapa important wanita kekasih lamanya itu. The only one who could ever break and/or had ever broke his heart. And of course, the part where Diane Kruger and Hartnett finally met again, with Coldplay’s The Scientist as background music. Huwaa intense amat cinta mereka. Coolness!!! Go watch, peeps.

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