Thursday, June 15, 2006

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside ~ Mark Twain

I’ve been reading my old books lately (due to my current insufficiency in financial department. Ngee). Sejak semalam, I’ve been reading Chocolat by Joanne Harris, one of my personal favourite. I so love the book, I’ve read it so many times and never get tired of it. As the title reflects, the book revolves around the premise of the magic of chocolate.

Which brings me to my intended rambling: Food. I am a fan of food. In fact, most people around me are, although my Ibu is very reserved. Foods are not her thing. She eats, and that’s that. Bapak and Adik on the other hand, are epitomes of food lover. As for Far, my Kindred Spirit, bila dia makan, kita akan rasa nak makan apa yang dia makan. She knows how to appreciate food, that one. My man loves good food. He and I are always in search of good food and good food makes us happy and giddy. Well exhibited, if you can see. Ngee.

As a child, I am easy to be pleased. My happy foods would consist of: roti canai Sentul, sup ayam mamak + roti paun, sate ikan sold by pakcik naik motor depan sekolah agama, cotton candy on ice cream cone belakang sekolah kebangsaan, Ibu’s sambal ikan tongkol dan nasi ayam, chicken chop Dayabumi, Maktok’s kuih seri muka, kek coklat bulat-bulat from TSG’s Monday pasar malam etc. I am sure all of you have your very own childhood favourites kan?

As a young adult, I found delight in makanan dining hall and my occasional makanan outing. Most STFians would agree with me that our favourite makanan dining adalah: ayam masak lemak cili padi with sambal kicap, daging dendeng, nasi ayam on Sundays, nasi minyak with ayam masak merah during our formal dinner every Thursdays, bubur pulut hitam, nasik lemak pagi Isnin, kuih cara pedas etc. Sedap sebenarnya makanan dining hall STF ok. Seriously. Dan makanan outing kegemaranku adalah pastries, cakes, KFC and other fast foods, alaah, benda-benda yang sukar didapati bila berada di dalam kepompong boarding school. Oh, juga pisang goreng cicah with sambal kicap. Siapa boleh lupa?

Perutku kini menyukai pelbagai jenis makanan. Diversified, this perut of mine now is. But one thing is never going to change: I will always love masakan Ibuku. I have used ‘never’ and ‘always’, my 2 forbidden words in this sentence. Maka, ia memang fakta yang amat benar. Sukalah makan. Masyarakat yang tak suka makan bila mampu makan tu, kesian kan?

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