Thursday, June 01, 2006

Lompat si katak lompat, Lompatlah tinggi-tinggi

If it is lipas, you could spray it to death. If they are lalat, spray works tremendously as well. So is the case with semut or kerengga or other bugs. If it is tikus, the answer would be jerat or penaburan racun tikus. Kalau cicak, boleh lastik saja seperti yang my arwah Tok Wan used to do. But with katak, what could you do? Especially when you and your mother are both awfully squeamish of slimey creatures. Especially when there are two of them and are very green dan melompat2 macam kanak-kanak diberi makan sugar after pukul 5; read: hyperactive. Ibu and I did not know what to do. One is in Adik's toilet and the other in my parents'. We called Mr.Samy (our neighbourhood gardener) because Bapak and Adik both were not at home but Mr.Samy already switched off his phone at 10 p.m. So Ibu dengan penuh mengamuknya spray katak di biliknya itu sehingga hampir habis seluruh botol spray yang baru itu. Tetapi katak itu tetap berdiri teguh dan aktif. Ibu sehingga tidak dapat tidur dengan lena semalam kerana toiletnya di dalam biliknya dan Ibu bimbang katak melompat ke arahnya. Aku pula amat demam (tidak relevan). Tetapi pagi ini salah satu katak itu didapati telah meninggalkan dunia yang fana ini. Mungkin dia telah akhirnya diracuni spray itu. Innalillah.

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