Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The patient does not care about your science;
what he wants to know is, can you cure him?

I have great respect for doctors. I mean, who doesn't? When they tell us "No, you are not sick", or "You have perfect eyesight", or "You have perfectly normal blood pressure", or even when they deliver bad news like "We'd have to do a minor operation on you", or "You have a malignant cyst", we believe them, we trust them, we find closure in their words and console in their advices. We even voted them as Malaysians' most trusted people (according to Mix FM).

I have great respect for what they have to go through to get into med school - they are the people who excelled Biology and Chemistry easily when I had to struggle to even get passing marks. I admire them for having sailed through med school dan menjadi doktor yang terpaksa bertarung dan berdepan dengan nyawa, jiwa, emosi. Memang bukan kerja mudah. Much respect. Much respect.

And that is why I am so proud of my darling cousin who had just passed her final exam last week, now eligible to practice medicine and after all her hard work and prayers, finally crowned with the much-admired designation, DR. Congratulations, Dr.Nurul Huda Ariza. I am sure Allah will guide you through everything just like He had been there for you before.

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