Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pleasure is spread through the earth in stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find.
~William Wordsworth, 1806

I bet I had the best weekends in the entire world. Reasons:

1. Wedding Neq Yan. She was beautiful. They were the cutest, craziest bride & groom. The STF crowd was the loudest, happiest, and maddest people there. This is what I reckon a perfect wedding: The most compatible-looking bride and groom. Beautifully arranged garden wedding. Welcoming family members. Invitees with happy faces. And maddest friends. Simply perfect.

2. Met Far. And I miss her already.

3. Met my man. And of course, I miss him already.

4. Stayed up late with Far and Naem, gossiping, catching up, merepek, and ended falling asleep on the floor di ruang tamu, like our fun, old days.

5. Had a surprise birthday party!! I was completely, utterly shocked. Kalau tak percaya, nanti boleh lihat my stunned face all over the pictures. They did an early celebration for me because they wanted my dear Far to be part of it. Tapi memang aku tak terpikir langsung aah. Memang genius kawan2 aku. They got me an MPH book voucher (yeay! Books!) and Far got me a very very pretty kulit kayu hand bag (she actually has one which I really like, but I’m just too kedekut to buy that expensive bag from Indonesia for myself). Thank you!!!

Anyway, I am so so sorry to keep you girls waiting! Sorryla sayang2ku. If only I knew. Thank you so so much anyway. It was heartwarmingly fun. I love you girls so damn much.

Hence I am so thankful to Allah for I am so blessed.

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