Wednesday, October 02, 2013

"The best learning process of any kind of craft is just to look at the work of others." - Wole Soyinka 

Tell me about it! Betapa banyak benda yang patut aku trash kan tapi kusimpan as a result of Pinterest. I just recently kemas my kitchen cabinet storage and threw away beberapa kitchen rolls that I kept for God-knows-what. Pinterest has the tendency to make things look doable, you know? You see something, you thought “Oh that’s fun, I can do that”, you pinned it, and well, you become a hoarder, thinking you could be doing super fun stuffs with kitchen rolls, for God’s sake! 

Kitchen roll kaleidoscope, perhaps?

Or maybe colourful, fun caterpillars and owls (that would later turned into sampah bersepah)?
In my defense, those are totally doable and might be fun to do with Hadi tapi simpan punya simpan punya tangguh, the paper rolls pun saggy dek kerana persekitaran and who I am kidding, buang sajalah. We’ll begin the pin-simpan-tangguh cycle again with this next roll.

Oh and also, empty jars! I have been hoarding banyak (from peanut butter to spaghetti sauce bottles) sampai terpaksa buang sikit the other day, eyesore. What can you do with them? Trust me, a lot!

Sewing kit (or craft stuff) jar. A bit tricky to get the small stuffs out nanti tapi cute eh?

A neat gift idea, methinks! You can also replace the cookies ingredients with perhaps candies, chocolates, mixed nuts! Seperti selalu kukatakan, ribbons make everything looks good.

Oh and terrariums! This looks doable kan? (Apa yang tak doable, kau ni?) But but, this is actually memang doable lah and people (like Yuna!) actually make money selling this tau.

OK this one is definitely a bit too ambitious for me, but nice kan kan kan?


This is actually what I meant to do with the jars I collected; snow globes. I remember collecting snow globes as a child (God knows mana pergi semua after my parents moved) and saw @yumyumx buat this with her girls. I actually went as far as gluing Hadi’s mini figurine on the lid but gam Uhu was apparently not durable enough for the craft and so I made a mental note to get myself a glue gun and tak beli-beli sampai sekarang. Kisahnya.

Har har har so true, most of the time, yeah. See y’all on Pinterest and let’s pin away!


Nida Shaari said...

kakak banyak simpan botol kaca.. botol mayonis memang digunakan untuk isi rempah ratus, kekacang, gandum dan segala bahan kering untuk bubur..

then simpan botol puri baby tu.. konon nak buat sesuatu.. end up haritu dah buang satu batch.. tapi tiba2 sekarang terfikir nak gunakan botol tu isi biskut untuk gift konon2 nak buat bday party Muhammad, lalu menyesal tak sudah sebab dah buang sob sob..

Amy Z! said...

Hahaha. Samalah. Terlalu banyak di-pin untuk dibuat bersama anak. Tapi tak terbuat lagi dan, takut bersepah rumah. Tapi itulah, kalau ada anak, manalah rumah dapat dikemas sgt. Haih.

Btw, thanks sharing about empty jar. I'm thinking about throw it away, but using as pasu untuk herba2 would be cun sgt! Thanks!

hazlina azmi said...

bestnya..blhla nnt idea ni buat dgn anak2 kat umah..;)..blogwalking..jom tukar2 link&follow me...:)

ME! said...

I am HOOKED on Pinterest too!!! They upcycle a lot of things from unwanted stuff and yes, they make it all look doable. I bet it would be a big thing and just that draining for people with no creative skills like me. Hahah But fun to browse nonetheless

nor'aini said...

Wth is pinterest. M old :(