Friday, September 13, 2013

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.” - Zig Ziglar, advocate of "If you can dream it, you can change it"

I used to be a huge fan of self-help books. I still am, although these days, what little leisure time I have for myself is usually spent reading fictional novel/chic lit. It does nothing much for my soul, I know, but they give me the break I need from my own life. Heh. Am currently reading The 10 Commandments for Business Failure by Donald R. Keough, the former President of the Coca-Cola Company and man, it is inspiring and is surprisingly a very fun read!

I am a firm believer that motivation is the fuel every human being needs; because really, it is easier sometimes to be too contented, stuck in familiar everyday life and risks nothing. Sometimes, we need to be reminded, tak kisahlah by your significant other, your parents, or a motivational speaker or the least, by a book, of your purpose in this world and how you could be more if you could only raise your own bar. If you know me, you'd know that am not a fan of the MLM industry, and I shall not divulge my reasons why, but I have high respect for their positive attitude; the drive they have to become more. I once went to an Amway talk for fun and was mesmerized by the speaker and the positive souls around me; really, it was a room full of positivity and energy.

I read somewhere that mediocrity is a mindset where people often get stuck and do not know how to escape, and this can only be changed with mind renewal. And what is that, you ask? It’s motivation. Tapi tapi tapi, you if go to hundreds Dr Azizan talk, read thousands of The Secret and its like, listen countlessly to the positive chatter of Fadzilah Kamsah and Dr Muhaya, and still you refuse to change, then terima kasih sajalah.

Hell yeah.

This entry is a note to myself. As a Muslim woman, wife, daughter and mother, I have my own priority fixed by me for me. I don’t aspire to rule the world or become the next Iron Lady of Malaysia. But I do aspire to be the best of what I can be and I believe it’s achievable only if I strive for it and not be complacent with mediocrity.

And daily motivation helps tremendously. Trust me. 


Chech said...

Hi, Marliza.

This is a note for myself (and I believe, many others), too.

Love this post.

Karamah said...

Yeah, note untuk saya juga, thanks.