Friday, June 21, 2013

Boy, n. a noise with dirt on it.

Hadi has decided that hey, now that Mama is in her 2nd trimester, it might be fun to bully her a bit, all in the name of fun. Pfftt. I’m sure it is partly because he is a little boy and little boys are all about mess and hiruk pikuk dan bermain secara ganas melompat menumbuk and all that. OK maybe not all boys. But mine is (when there are no strangers around). And I quite like that he’s a typical boy like that. 

But lately I have the feeling that my boy is just trying to mess with my mind. This morning, after having fun mengecahkan one box of toys I just kemas this Subuh, he went into our bedroom, saw our newly made up bed, he called me up and said, “Mama tengok ni eh” and went on to kecahkan the bed. I felt like weeping. Then he didn’t want the sandwich I made and refused bath time (I was already really tired by then and decided to give up and let MIL’s bibik deal with his breakfast and bath time later). Memanglah, sometimes I’d persevere to instill my superiority but there are days like today, when I was already tired from the moment I woke up; I had to just let go. 

But then, when I merajuk and he realized it, he came over, wanted to salam and hug and gave me sloppy kisses all over my (made-up) face, of course I cair. I’m a mother, my baby’s sweetness is my kryptonite! 

Oh baby boy, I don't understand how one moment you're such a bully, messing with head, and the next a sweetheart, the sweetest boy ever. Please baby, have mercy on your tired Mama :'(

And so, of course I turned to Google for help, and I found this article on; 8 Tips for Surviving Pregnancy While Caring for a Toddler and one of the tips given was to Lower Your Standards. Haha thanks ya, but I have long lowered my standard to ‘apa yang termampu’ ever since Hadi was born. It says there that it's okay if the laundry piles up a bit or the dishes sit a little longer. But the thing about laundry and dishes, ia perkara yang ada dan akan bertambah every single day and sooner or later, somebody has got to do it and that person is ME! Har har har. Cry.

You know what? This is normal. Right? Pertamanya, I'm pregnant and hormonal. Keduanya, I’m adapting. From just me to being a wife. From just the two of us to being parents to one. From one child to having more. Semua ini proses adaptasi. And I thank Allah for giving me this chance, to be more, to be better. 

Oh you know what I need? I need a retail therapy. In a haze-free mall. You know, the kind that involves husband’s money and my inner contentment. Yep, I need that. 

(Hey, I knowlah I need to spend more time with Allah. But shopping is nice too)


Alin Marlini said...

Am...dah tau jantina ke?

Anonymous said...

My 1st one boy gak, dlm perut 2nd trimester... Uuhh kdg2 terpaksa buat2 x nampak yg rumah tgh sepah, dikemas sepah balik oleh anak lelaki yg umurnyer hampir 3 tahun ini yg tenaganyer entah dtg dr mane.

nor'aini said...

Husband shld help