Monday, February 25, 2013

One picture is worth 1,000 denials.” - Ronald Reagan
The other day, my girls and I discussed on Whatsapp about camwhoring on Instagram (yeah, deep, deep stuffs we talk about). Most of us have camwhored at least once in our lives but I think there is a certain extent to how often you should do it. And unless you’re Fazura (and not even Nora Danish, in Nijoh’s opinion), every hour of your full face picture in our Instagram feed is just ermmm, never mind. Heee. Yea yea, I’m the one who subjected myself to your camwhorings by clicking the Follow button. But sometimes that’s just because I like you, or sometimes I kinda enjoy looking at your other artsy fartsy IG feed, or maybe sometimes I just need a source of entertainment.
Oh, oh, if you haven’t, go read Ijaicool’s entry on 'Tabiat Manusia Di Instagram'. Freaking hilarious!
I too camwhore sometimes (duh!) often with Hadi as my accessory and I don’t upload most of the pictures because I have low self-esteem about how I look. Sobs. The one that gives the most ilusi optik proudly makes it as the profile picture of this blog, tadaaa! But Fazura should camwhore more because she’s just so pretty. And Awal Ashaari should lessen his camwhoring activity simply because he’s a dude. I mean come on lah Awal, even Scha doesn’t do it as much as you do! But still, I haven’t unfollowed him because his life seems so interesting and yeah, celebritydom is one of the simple quirky pleasures of my everyday life.
Anyways, back to our Whatsapp topic of the said day, Elin suggested we all camwhore and appointed me to compile and assemble them, and behold, here’s what we came up with:
Hahaha! Camwhore overload! You can go and puke now.


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