Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today's world it has become a necessity." - Author Unknown

We were in need of a getaway from the stress and routine of everyday life and hub's birthday seems like a good excuse to do so. We initially wanted a beach getaway but it seemed to be raining setiap petang lately so we scrapped off that plan and went to the nearest seberang laut instead, Singapore lah apa lagi. The negara jiran is very near to us in JB but memang jarang sangatlah pergi, the last was in March!
After checking in at Orchard Hotel, we went to Newton Food Centre for some seafood. Fret not, 70% of the stalls here have Halal certificates from MUIS.

And clearly, the foods were good.
Smart TV. They have cable as well, varities of movies including porn! Yes, porn! Costs $20 per movie though (thank God, or someone would never want to leave the room. Ngeee)

Sexy bath. Handy for lazy moms, yeay.
Strolling along Orchard Road, salivating over unaffordable branded goods.
 'The Joy of Women' namanya. Apparently our joy is playing the flute in awkward position T___T
Gotta start them young katanya. Father of the year lah sangat.
Clarke Quay; where mat sallehs act like rempits melepak bersidai on the bridge getting wasted.
 The next morning, fresh out of bed and straight to the pool.
 The boy got excited when he saw Papa in the gym next to the pool.
 Gym freak.
Papa had to finish his gym routine and there is no kiddy pool so I had to jump in with mat sallehs looking at me all weird in my tudung and what not. This is freedom, mat sallehs, to be able to swim in peace without men oggling at my body.
Then Papa joined us, yeay!
 We had breakfast by the pool after the swim and it was one of the most relaxing mornings ever.

Sexy baby.
  Hadi couldn't care less about mirror-family-portrait, as always.
 We love Bussorah Street. A must-go everytime we're in Temasek.

We had lunch at Istanbul Grill and he had Turkish coffee. It was bitter, yikes.
 I much prefer Starbucks (from 7-Eleven nearby), thank you very much.
The boy was fully recharged after all that Istanbul meal goodness.

 And they got back their grooves, all kenyang and happy.

 A little store full of childhood wonders.

 This  wooden flute (don't know what it's called) costs only 50 cents but Hadi likes it so much.

It was a fun, relaxing weekend and I have this man to thank for. Happy birthday sweetheart, I adore you from ever fibre of my being. Praying for many more years (and getaways) together! Love you banyak-banyak!


AyinEmran said...

Singapore ada banyak food court yg reliable kan? Lagi bagus sbb dah ada MUIS cert. Nak try chinese food pun byk choice.

Oh turkish coffee tu nampak lazat!

Marliza Radzi said...

Ayin: Turkish coffee sangat bitter! Maybe juga sebab Daud ordered medium sweet. Aku ada sebotol kat rumah, nak kena tengok Youtube cara buat. Haha.

madame blossom said...

Salam Am,

Bila turun Singapore lagi? Mungkin boleh terserempak ke.. :)

Marliza Radzi said...

Kakak Madame Blossom cantik, ingat nanti bila my parents datang nak ajak jalan ke sana :)